turismo valle camonica

Mapping the Signs. Communicating the Territory.

Scope:promotion and communication, education
Degree of completion: in progress

The project originates thanks to the financial support of the Ministero per i Beni e le Attività Culturali (L. 77/06) and the Distretto Culturale di Valle Camonica (Fondazione Cariplo) and proposes a programme of interventions for the promotion in school of the rock art heritage, aiming in particular at identifying new languages and experimenting with new laboratory models.

Action 1: Organization of a dual workshop to realize new educational materials and to promote intercultural dialogue
During the month of September 2012 two workshops took place:

PITOON – Pitoti in cartoon (8-13 September 2012): a comics school which starts from rock engravings. Run by the Centro Culturale Teatro Camuno of Breno with the participation of Sergio and Michele Staino and Vanna Vinci. Beginning with the strips by Bobo, Staino traces the lines of his workshop; the signs left on the rocks are viewed through a simple and ironic look. Recalling the world of his strips, the work on a comic’s pages tells a satire needing space and time to express fully its effects, in short it requires a “story”, following the most authentic and valid tradition of comics. Two days are entirely devoted to the classes of Camonica Valley, with a full immersion in the subject of comics, always in relation to the great expressive potential of the territory.

Fantastic Stone Tablets (16-23 September 2012): from the direct exploration of the archaeological parks, from the possibility of experiencing, passing through and knowing them, originates a project for the storytelling of Camunian rock art which is born from a critical second reading of the signs, the rocks, the park in which they are found and the broader territorial context where they belong.
Knowing the parks, experiencing them directly, weaving relationships from among different pieces of information is just the beginning of a participated research that takes the working group towards a creative second reading of the richness found in the archaeological sites: more specifically, the approach and point of view provided by the active participation of Corraini publishing house, brings about maturation of the contents already in book form.
The privileged language is photography, which, through the mediation of illustration, becomes the meeting point for a dialogue between two parallel realities: the territory, the parks and the valley in their daily life and the engravings as representations of a past reality rich with stories. Thus, the raw matters of this action are photography, illustration, and storytelling.
Our goal is to arrive at an editorial project enabling to increase the number of visitors of Camonica Valley’s rock art heritage and to improve the quality of the experience related to Camunian rock art.

Action 2: Realization of a “Laboratory of innovative communication”
The project provides for the organization during the month of November of a workshop on innovative communication, regarding in particular graphics and design.

Action 3: Realization of a communication campaign of educational promotion
With the materials produced in the course of the workshops and the communication lab, in the month of December information campaigns and promotion of the UNESCO site will be realized.