turismo valle camonica

The Cultural Productions

The UNESCO site of Camonica Valley is characterized by a multiplicity of artistic, social and historic landmarks that make it a varied land, not at all simple to highlight. Through the cultural productions accomplished in the last few years and other ones in progress, the idea is precisely to enhance such variety and richness of contents. Thematic festivals, documentary shows, conventions, publications, meetings, guided tours, workshops, editorial projects, videos and social networks represent a web-like frame of promotion and popularization of this rock art site. These projects have been participated by professionals, students, experts, artists, creative people and many others: a team of human resources that worked together, each with their own intellectual capacity and an interest in new instruments, to make new, updated and worked-out products, passionately communicating them to the public. The goal is to keep this heritage alive and to convey it to the contemporary age, with close links to the messages of rock art in their remarkable topicality.

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